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Laura's Garden Foundation was developed to honor the life and legacy of Laura Kirsche Hart. It will provide an inviting gathering place for all visitors to Old Wethersfield. The garden will be built in the shape of a nautilus shell- a symbol of perfection and beauty, strength, spiritual growth, creation and movement. These symbols personify Laura.


Laura and her family loved spending their time together at the playground at Mikey's Place in Standish Park in Old Wethersfield. The park holds a special place in their hearts as a place for the family to gather, socialize and rejuvenate. Please consider donating to support the construction and maintenance of a memorial garden, Laura's Garden, that will be built in Old Wethersfield. The garden will be a quiet, contemplative space with flowering plants and trees, lots of sunshine and fluttering butterflies. It will be a place for parents to gather for a quiet moment while their children play, for community members to enjoy a reflective moment and for children to wonder at the joys of color, nature and butterflies. It will be a space that Laura would have been proud to have named in her honor.

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Advisory Board

Chair: Sherri Laabs


Amy Steigerwald

Blair Izard

John DeGray

Emma Rigdon

Amanda Bacon
Justine Coleman

Rick Bangs

Keriann Hart

Heather Sandler

Ed Richman

Maribeth Mulready

Jessica Goldberg


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